Openweight Crew Gets Cooking at Green Monster

Openweight Crew Gets Cooking at Green Monster

Nov. 5, 2005

HANOVER, N.H. - On Saturday, November 5th, MIT's novice openweight women attended the Green Monster Frosh Invitational regatta hosted by Dartmouth College. The openweight women entered one boat in the event and accompanied the MIT lightweight boat and a mixed boat of both open and light weights.

The openweight eight finished fourth out of 12 teams with a time of 17:06.3. Coxed by Erin Fitzgerald, the crew consisted of stroke Margaret Carlton-Foss, seven seat Inessa Liskovich, six seat Kate Broadbent, five seat Alison Greenlee, four seat HyeMee Shin, three seat Jane Wolcott, two seat Mariela Perignon, and bow Genevieve Russo.

The mixed boat consisted of openweights Loretta Trevino in stroke, Julia Fu in 7 seat, Chelsea Grimm in 5 seat, Robyn Allen in 4 seat and Tiffany Barkley in 3 seat. Even thought they placed 12th overall, they had a phenomenal time of 19:01.4. This boat saw quite an exciting finish where they and several other crews converged and sprinted through the line.

The openweight eight was defeated by Dartmouth who took both first and second places. In third place was the Northeastern A boat, which surpassed MIT by a slim 2.4 seconds. The openweights finished ahead of UNH, Rutgers, and all other B and C boats. With an exciting finish, the MIT openweights powered through the line looking strong and controlled. A strong performance over the weekend has set the pace for the rest of the fall and upcoming spring seasons.