Novices Celebrate Halloween on the Charles

Novices Celebrate Halloween on the Charles

Oct. 31, 2006

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Novice women from all along the Charles River gathered this morning in a first-ever Halloween costume party. Boats full of Vikings, animals, M&Ms, Santa's reindeer, Waldo (in a crowd), and many others from Boston College, Northeastern, and Radcliffe joined a squad of ninjas from MIT.

After rowing upstream, the "Ninjaneers" met up with the other squads on the water in front of Harvard's Newell boathouse. They mingled for a while, admiring each other's outfits and sharing treats. An ironic twist occurred when the pirate launch Revenge - operated by swashbuckling Captain Cory Bosworth - took on water and had to dock before being able to board and plunder any unsuspecting vessels.

Organized by Wendy Wilbur of Boston College, the thought was to have a fun event for women on the river to celebrate being novice rowers.

Aaron Benson, the novice coach for MIT's openweight women, said of the occasion, "It's great to be able to get the novices together for a fun, non-competitive event; they rarely get a chance to interact with their counterparts in the league. Rowing is such a small world that I always encourage my athletes to have respect for their competitors - they go out and do the same thing we do every day, and that forms an important bond between all rowers."