Sakharova and Li Go Undefeated in NFC Opener

Sophie Russo
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- Event: Northeast Fencing Conference #1

- Scores:
MIT 21, UMass 6
MIT 26, University of New Hampshire 1
MIT 18, Boston University 9
MIT 16, Wellesley College 11
Brandeis University 15, MIT 12
MIT 19, Sacred Heart University 8
MIT 17, Smith College 10

- Record: MIT (6-1, 6-1 NFC)

- Location: Providence, R.I. (Brown University)

- The Lead: Junior Helen Sakharova (Ridgewood, N.J.) went 21-0 in epee action while sophomore Stephanie Li (Greenwood Village, Colo.) generated a 15-0 performance for the foil unit in the MIT women's fencing team Northeast Fencing Conference opener on Saturday at Brown University. Registering a 6-1 mark for the second year in a row, the Engineers defeated UMass (21-6), University of New Hampshire (26-1), Boston University (18-9), Wellesley College (16-11), Sacred Heart University (19-8), and Smith College (17-10) with their lone loss coming at the hands of Brandeis University (15-12). Freshman Thérèse Mills (Medford, N.J.) rounded out the strong start to conference competition by powering the sabre squad with a mark of 15-6.

Epee (39-24 record. Highlights: 9-0 vs. vs. UNH; 7-2 vs. UMass and Wellesley; 5-4 vs. BU)
  Record Highlights
Margaret Bertoni 11-9 3-0 vs. UMass and UNH; 2-1 vs. BU and Wellesley
Claire McGinnity 2-9 2-1 vs. Wellesley
Helen Sakharova 21-0 3-0 vs. UMass, UNH, BU, Wellesley, Brandeis, Sacred Heart, and Smith
Tesla Wells 5-6 3-0 vs. UNH; 1-0 vs. Sacred Heart


Foil (52-11 record. Highlights: 9-0 vs. UNH and Sacred Heart; 8-1 vs. UMass and BU; 7-2 vs. Wellesley and Smith)
  Record Highlights
Karen Gu 13-4 3-0 vs. UMass, UNH, BU, and Wellesley
Stephanie Li 15-0 3-0 vs. UMass, UNH, BU, Sacred Heart; 2-0 vs. Wellesley; 1-0 vs. Brandeis
Jocelyn McGhee 7-2 3-0 vs. UNH; 2-1 vs. UMass and BU
Sophie Russo 9-3 3-0 vs. Sacred Heart and Smith; 2-1 vs. Brandeis
Shiaoching Tse 8-2 3-0 vs. Sacred Heart and Smith; 1-0 vs. Wellesley


Sabre (38-25 record. Highlights: 8-1 vs. UNH; 6-3 vs. UMass, Sacred Heart, and Smith; 5-4 vs. BU and Brandeis)
  Record Highlights
Amelia Bryan 14-7 3-0 vs. UNH and Sacred Heart; 2-1 vs. UMass, BU, and Smith
Nisha Devasia 0-2 n/a
Jasmine McGhee 5-6 2-1 vs. Sacred Heart; 1-0 vs. UNH
Thérèse Mills 15-6 3-0 vs. UNH, Brandeis, and Smith; 2-1 vs. UMass and BU
Amnahir Peña-Alcántara 4-4 2-1 vs. UMass; 1-1 vs. UNH; 1-0 vs. BU


- MIT travels to Brandeis University for the Brandeis Invitational starting at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, Dec. 3.


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