MIT Goes 2-2 at Brandeis Invitational

MIT Goes 2-2 at Brandeis Invitational

Dec. 3, 2007

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - In its final outing of the semester, the MIT women's fencing team defeated Cornell University (14-13) and Yale University (18-9) before falling to St. John's University (18-9) and Brown University (17-10) at the Brandeis University Invitational on Saturday. Following their performance, the Engineers' ledger moved to 7-6 on the year.

The foil team registered the best showing of the day as it compiled a record of 19-17, including victories over Yale, Cornell, and Brown. Cordelia Link led the way with a total of 9-3 as Lindley Graham went 6-6. Chun Li contributed a mark of 2-10 while Jenna Caldwell won two out of her three bouts.

Like Link, Yuhsin Chen amassed a total of 9-3 as the sabre team finished with a ledger of 17-19. Laura Evans (5-7) and Elena Tatarchenko (3-9) rounded out Tech's contingent, which picked up a pair of 6-3 decisions over Yale and Cornell.

The foil team notched a record of 15-21 with Stephanie Shin and Joanna Tong each tallying marks of 6-6. Zhenya Gu wrapped up the competition with a 3-9 performance.