2019 MIT Women's Cross Country Roster

Ht. Hometown/High School Major
Katie Bacher full bio Katie Bacher Cl.: Sr. Ht.: 5-3 Hometown/High School: Macungie, Pa. / Emmaus Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Alana Chandler full bio Alana Chandler Cl.: So. Ht.: 5-3 Hometown/High School: Chicago, Ill. / Walter Payton College Prep Major: Materials Science and Engineering
Anna Chau full bio Anna Chau Cl.: Fy. Ht.: 5-2 Hometown/High School: Salem, Ore. / South Salem Major: Undecided
Katie Collins full bio Katie Collins Cl.: Jr. Ht.: 5-7 Hometown/High School: Newton, Mass. / Newton South Major: Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Nicole Cybul full bio Nicole Cybul Cl.: Fy. Ht.: 5-5 Hometown/High School: Novi, Mich. / Northville Major: Biological Engineering
Gabrielle Enns full bio Gabrielle Enns Cl.: Jr. Ht.: 5-6 Hometown/High School: Chandler, Ariz. / Chandler Major: Mechanical Engineering
Einat Gavish full bio Einat Gavish Cl.: So. Ht.: 5-3 Hometown/High School: Newton, Mass. / Newton North Major: Mathematics and Computer Science
Izzi Gengaro full bio Izzi Gengaro Cl.: So. Ht.: 5-0 Hometown/High School: Boonton Township, N.J. / Mountain Lakes Major: Chemical Engineering
Anna Haddad full bio Anna Haddad Cl.: Fy. Ht.: 5-2 Hometown/High School: Tacoma, Wash. / Annie Wright School Major: Undecided
Abby Mauermann full bio Abby Mauermann Cl.: So. Ht.: 5-4 Hometown/High School: Brookfield, Wis. / Brookfield Central Major: Biological Engineering
Megan McCandless full bio Megan McCandless Cl.: Sr. Ht.: 5-11 Hometown/High School: Livermore, Calif. / Granada Major: Mechanical Engineering
Marissa McPhillips full bio Marissa McPhillips Cl.: Sr. Ht.: 5-5 Hometown/High School: Narragansett, R.I. / Narragansett Major: Biological Engineering
Jenna Melanson full bio Jenna Melanson Cl.: Sr. Ht.: 5-7 Hometown/High School: La Center, Wash. / La Center Major: Biological Engineering
Emily Niu full bio Emily Niu Cl.: Jr. Ht.: 5-5 Hometown/High School: Painted Post, N.Y. / Corning-Painted Post Major: Mechanical Engineering
Kirsi Rajagopal full bio Kirsi Rajagopal Cl.: Fy. Ht.: 5-8 Hometown/High School: Harrison, N.Y. / Harrison Major: Undecided
Nina Rhone full bio Nina Rhone Cl.: Fy. Ht.: 5-4 Hometown/High School: Los Angeles, Calif. / Marlborough School Major: Undecided
Emily Skilling full bio Emily Skilling Cl.: Jr. Ht.: 5-4 Hometown/High School: Oakland, Calif. / Miramonte Major: Mechanical Engineering
Katie Williams full bio Katie Williams Cl.: Jr. Ht.: 5-10 Hometown/High School: Papillion, Neb. / Marian Major: Biological Engineering